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Magnificent Europe Honeymoon Tour

Duration: 5 Nights / 6 Days

Cities: Luxembourg , Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels

Exploring the hidden charm of Mother Nature and spending luxurious time at some of the most beaut


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Netherland Tour Packages

Although the country’s smaller dimensions, each destination gives you a chance of profoundly distinct identity and experience to travelers. Take a Netherlands to experience the tradition and innovation coexists here; from artistic masterpieces and candle – lit cafes to modern architecture and impressive nightlife, Netherlands has much to take pride in its attractions. Netherlands tour, is one of the top place to visit, Amsterdam is an ode to the Golden Age of Netherlands. The main highlight of the Netherlands honeymoon package gives you the main attraction to experience like the legacies of Dutch Masters like Rembrabdt, Hieronymus Bosch hang in the Netherlands world renowned museums and the art galleries, the Canal tour in Amsterdam and day tour to tulip fields to countryside. Your Netherlands trip is incomplete without witnessing the beauty of the cultures that challenged beliefs and traditions that were adapted and home – grown.

This place is perfect with a gift that challenged other lands. A nation with freedom and no horizons of boundaries is best known for making its mark in the history of every year. Netherlands family package are intricately tailor made to gives you a perfect vacation.  Travelling means to bring people together as we grow with every tour. The idea of travel, and celebrate is reflected in every tour that we undertake. Your choice stands as our priority, may it be for adventure or something else, for our country special two or even multi country, for some special reasons like honeymoon, family, solo or just a short escape travel.

A tour to Netherlands, which is on the wish list of every explorer. This land will never disappoint you with its remarkable scenic scenery and cultural differences that will leave you amazed. We had focus of innovating and building unrivalled tours. We bring together everything best available, for a one kind memory and travel story that can be shared with your family members or with your loved ones. Raise your spirits for your Netherlands honeymoon tour, as the most artistic journey is waiting to come true!

The Geography and Seasons

In Netherlands more than half of the land lies below sea level and about two – thirds of the area is used in agriculture. Netherlands is in the region of Western Europe; this country is bordered by the North Sea, Belgium and Germany. The geographical location of this land blesses it with a perfect climate for your gateway which can experience along with our Netherlands family Package. Remaining to the country’s geography, cycling is an integral part of the Dutch Lifestyle. Amsterdam, the city of absolute freedom, rightly deserves all the beautiful glory for its canals, gabled architecture and world – famous museums. An artistic country also shares maritime borders with France. Netherlands climatic pattern of the country is observed in four seasonal patterns. These seasonal changes can also be experienced along with our wonderful Netherlands tour packages. A short walk in any direction from the city center brings tourists both the clichés and the unexpected experiences. The popular things to do in the Amsterdam are wandering along the lovely canals and through hundreds of the 17th century monuments. Hogeveluwe national park, Rijksmuseum, Keukenhof and the windmills of Kinderdijk are the top tourist’s attractions in Amsterdam. In your Netherlands tour package experience through the bustling capital city of Amsterdam – with its lovely canals, the Red light District and the hundreds of monuments. The Netherlands travel packages from India gives you to a whole new destination of completely different experiences.

The Culture

The Netherlands is a beautiful land with the rich culture and history with iconic people like Rembrandt, Anne Frank and Van Gogh leaving their mark on this land. Netherlands honeymoon package from India gives you a beautiful glimpse of the country with a precise balance of art, history and culture; thereby, letting you experience the legacy of art! On this Netherlands tour, you will experience the diverse cultures reflected in regional and as well as the foreign influences that are built up over the ages because of the legends of the Dutch exploration spirit. This nation has grabbed a lot of attention since the beginning because of Famed as the idealistic specimen of being the center of cultural liberalism and tolerance. In between the Urban sprawls, this country is dotted with postcard – worthy windmills and fields of tulips, which reach full bloom in springtime. Wherever travelers go on Netherlands family vacation, living like locals and live through it all on a bicycle are must – have experiences. Its located on the Nieuwe Maas River,Rotterdam is famous for tourist attractions such as Grote of Sint – Laurenskerk, Royal zoo, Museum Boymans – van Beuningen, the Euromast and Cubes Houses. Our Netherlands family or honeymoon trip explores the in – depth flavor of this land that echoes in the artistic legacy and reverberating history spread across in every lane. Netherlands architectural gem with multi flavored cuisines at each sector and can be explored along with our Netherlands honeymoon holiday packages.

The Experience

The wonderful land of Dutch people rolling through the canals and lanes that can perfect for cycling, is an experience of a lifetime. While exploring the Netherlands you get a true feeling of experiencing life set in a rhythm of a happy song. With a well – deigned Netherlands tour itinerary, you can witness the hype of the artistic legacy these museums hold, which left the world speechless. Your Netherlands tour packages must have a visit to exploring Anne Frank’s house where you can soak in the dark reality that left its striking traces and shook the ages. Netherlands tour will gives you the chance to explore the colorful blankets of Flowers adorned with windmills placed in the backdrop, and also gives you a perfect imagery of Netherlands. This wonderful landscape has become the identity of this nation. This tour gives you so many surprises like the beautiful artistic architecture, and everything with an extra flavor and filled with so many things.

The highlights

Exploring Netherlands is highly referred to as the exploration of its capital Amsterdam; it is the name itself brings an excitement to traverse the city’s unique exhibits and treasures. The Hague, which is billed as “judicial capital of the world” feature the peace palace and many more international organization this is also known as the Hub of international diplomacy. Moving over to the Dutch Countryside, the rural regions and peppered with vintage farms, picturesque tones, and historical summer estates and characteristics windmills. The water land and Zane Regions are especially worth to visit. To witness the charm of tulip fields, plan a Netherlands tour to the Bulb Region in North Holland. A Netherlands tour cost delivered by our packages are very reasonable and includes a visit to the popular places in the Netherlands. Tour to Holland is incomplete without visiting Madurodam which is a miniature park having scale model of famous Dutch landmarks. A wonderful Tulip gardens is waiting for you and become the witness of the most beautiful spring garden in the world and also explore the Holland’s famous windmill and perceive the beautiful city of Amsterdam on a splendid canal cruise.  Travelers can customize their tour itineraries for their Netherlands honeymoon holiday package as per their time and interests. Get in touch with our tour agents or representatives to make specific changes in these packages for an authentic tour experience. Go through different itineraries and book the one that suits you perfectly.

Best time to visit Netherlands

This European country enjoys a temperate climatic through the year, with mild summers and moderately cold winter. Moreover the best time to Visit the Netherlands is when the mesmerizing tulips are in full bloom, roughly mid – March to mid – May. Netherlands is home to the country’s largest cities and typical countryside, while northern and eastern parts of the country have a beautiful landscape and are less populated. Eindhoven, Delft, Groningen, Masstricht and Utrecht are other popular place to visit in Netherlands. Experiencing the exceptionally relaxing climate along with this priced reasonably Netherlands holidays package.

Tips for Netherlands holiday tour package

  • It is an appreciated to tip to waiters, it is not always necessary here in the Netherlands. Waiters get a good base wage here; means don’t care much about the tips. You can, however, pay the standard 10% tips for good service.
  • You will not have any major problem to trying to get by as far as the language is considered. Dutch are really good English speakers and even in the remotest of the villages would have a person or two who knows English very well.

Visa Policy

Indian tourists who want to enter Netherlands require a valid passport and a Dutch Schengen Visa in order to enter the wonderful place reasonably. There are many types of visa, depending on the reasons for your visit, the visa required for tourism purposes requires following steps to be followed :-

  • After you have decided that which visa you need, than you need to apply for a visa at the embassy or its consulates.
  • You can apply for visa 3 months early to your visit or at least 15 days early to your visit.
  • Check which documents are required and make sure to have all the documents you have.
  • For the visa appoint an interview at the visa application center in India.
  • After interview you are able to pay the visa pay.
  • At last wait for the status of your application
  • It’s must to mention the cover letter in your visa application stating the purpose of your travel. Also, a valid proof of your accommodation and copy of your return flight tickets are essential for the successful proceeding of visa.

To sum up the wonderful destination for you, Netherlands is an amazing combination of the old world stories and that country experienced with the waves of time.  This country has beautiful cities and towns that are laden with canals and lakes.Select the most suitable Netherlands honeymoon package to enjoy and experience everything that one can ask for and Book any of our Netherlands tour package with us that take care of all the specific preferences of travelers.