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Best Eastern Europe Tour

Duration: 11 Nights / 10 Days

Cities: Salzburg, Prague, Innsbruck, Vienna , Budapest

Planning to make your holidays memorable – whether it is a honeymoon tour, leisure time wit


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Jewels of Eastern Europe Tour

Duration: 10 Nights / 11 Days

Cities: Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, Vienna,Budapest

Jewels of Eastern Europe Honeymoon Tour The boundaries of Europe tou


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Hungry Tour Packages

Hungary is a country that shares its borders with Romania, Serbia, Austria, Ukraine, Slovakia and Slovenia. The Danube and the Tisza are the two major rivers of Europe that run through the country. Holidays in Hungary are incomplete without visiting the wonderful snow-clad mountains up north and the beautiful countryside around Lake Balaton down South. Book the wonderful Hungary holiday packages, and get the opportunity explore the scenic sightseeing. Their hospitality is also very famous. In Hungary trip you will explore the picturesque countryside and also some breathtaking scenery. Hungary’s thermal springs, spectacular mountains, pristine lakes and the beautiful river valleys are only few hours away. This Hungary tour package also gives the opportunities for hiking and also some other activities to explore. Don’t forget to experience the famous Hungarian Cuisine like goulash-based dishes and paprika, which is the national spice of Hungary in your Hungary tour package

About the Destination

The capital of Hungary is Budapest which is also its largest city. The earliest conquerors of this country were the Romans, who conquered these parts between 35 and 9 BC. Hungary was ruled by the Celts, Huns, West Slavs, Germanic tribes and the Avers. Hungary had a strenuous and eventful history but that has not stopped it from emerging victorious as a nation. The Danube and Tisza Rivers have had an important role in Defining Hungary. Hungary is known for its great variety of flora and fauna, so that Hungary boasts of 145 minor nature reserve and 35 landscape and 10 national parks protection areas. The most of the population of Hungary speaks Hungarian which is the most widely spoken Uralic language in the world. Book the Hungary family tour package and the Hungary honeymoon tour package at very reasonable rate.

Experience Hungary

The first though that races through your mind upon boarding on your trip to Hungary is how beautiful this country has managed to juxtapose its ancient buildings and historic into a modern skyline. Rivers, Mountains, lakes and score of nature reserves for the nature lovers, splendid medieval castles and buildings for the history buffs, and a variety of wonderful activities for the adventure seeker, the destination attracts any visitor on a Hungary tour. There are more than 1300 thermal springs for you to relax rejuvenate and revive. All these and more are included in the online Hungary Tour Packages offered you the best attractive places in Hungary.

Things to do in Hungary

With the right Hungary tour package from our company, you can explore the best tourist destination in Hungary. These best Hungary packages are designed to ensure that you can have great trip to Hungary at cost- effective prices.

To help you choose the best and right itinerary, here are a few and wonderful attractions that shouldn’t be missed on you Hungary holiday package.

1. Budapest            

Budapest is one of the best cities and the capital of Hungary. Budapest is one of the most lovable tourist destinations. Budapest is considered as one of the Europe’s most beautiful cities, Budapest surprise you with the unification of its history with the cosmopolitan vibes of the present. The Budapest is actually made up of 3 combined cities, with Buda and Obuda on the west bank of the Danube and pest on the east bank. Budapest trip is one of the best parts of your Hungary tour package. The Budapest’s architecturally wonders is spread all over the city that much of the city has been granted UNESCO world Heritage Site status. In this Budapest trip don’t miss to explore the Buda castle, which has been built in epic proportions with ornate designs.  After the original structure was damaged, this castle was constructed for the Habsburg monarchy in the 18th century.

The Danube River is justifiable called the Budapest lifeline. The Freedom Bridge on the river lets you experience the most wonderful sunsets. The Danube Bend is something is best for those who are nature lover; and later on the Danube; do not forget to experience a river cruise. Budapest’s rich culture can be enjoying through the performances which were held at the Budapest Opera House. Basilica of St. Stephen, Parliament Building Memento Park, The Great Synagogue, Hungarian National Museum, the historic Chain Bridge all make for great inclusions for any Hungary tour package.

2. Tihany

Balaton Lake, situated by Central Europe’s largest lake, Tihany is swarming with visitors. Most of the tourists come here to taste a slice of the scenic scenery in the resort town. At just 8 sq. km, this tiny town is closed for traffic and has to be explored on foot, which is a great part of its many charms. Experience the peninsula at a leisurely pace, and then visit the beautiful 17th century Benedictine Abbey for wonderful views of the lake and the surrounding area. Take a walk to the inner Harbour will exhilarate you with its ship moorings and beautiful located promenade and enjoy the Tihany trip.

3. The caves of Lillafured

This destination is not to be missed on your Hungary tour packages. There are two reasons firstly, Lillafured is situated in the Bukk Mountains, is renowned for its tantalizing caves which can be eerie in parts. The most famous ones are the Petofi Cave where the impressions of extinct plats on the limestone walks transport you to another age, lastvan cave with its wonderful stalactite formations and finally the Szeleta Cave, for a feel of the actual ice age with its relics of arrows and spears. And the second reason to visit Lillafured is that it is a very famed spa destination. Adventure and relaxation are the perfect reasons to include it in your best Hungary honeymoon package too.

4. Sopron

Hungary is well known as the land of Castles and this is ably justified by Sopron. The 249 or so opulent, ornate medieval and beautiful Baroque buildings comprise one of the largest collections in Europe. The old town area was once a walked Roman city and the ruins today tell the story of a grand and wonderful era. Sopron trip is best for those who loves and explore the history and culture.

5. Eger Castle

Eger Castle is considered one of the most famous landmarks in the country. This historically significant castle is situated in the town of Eger. In the 16th century, a small Hungarian army, led by Captain IstvanDobo, beaten a mammoth Turkish army and this castle marked its name in history. Take a stroll through the lush castle grounds or find out about the castle’s history from the exhibitions; it’s a great way to spend time with your partner in this Eger Castle trip of your Hungary honeymoon package

Best time to visit Hungary

Even though the climate is beautiful all year round, Hungary really comes to life from March to May and September to November, which could be the best time to book your Hungary holiday tour package. March to May is when the countryside is flourishing with beautiful flowers and September to November is when the country turns into the majestic colors of orange and red.