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Best of Europe Honeymoon

Duration: 5 Nights / 6 Days

Cities: Vienna, Budapest, Prague

The world is full of attractions and exploring some of the most charming attractions depends on v


  • Room
  • SightSeeing
  • Meal

Starting From

Rs 39000/-
Rs 45000/-

per person

Best Eastern Europe Tour

Duration: 11 Nights / 10 Days

Cities: Salzburg, Prague, Innsbruck, Vienna , Budapest

Planning to make your holidays memorable – whether it is a honeymoon tour, leisure time wit


  • Room
  • AC
  • SightSeeing
  • Meal

Starting From

Rs 85000/-
Rs 90000/-

per person

Jewels of Eastern Europe Tour

Duration: 10 Nights / 11 Days

Cities: Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, Vienna,Budapest

Jewels of Eastern Europe Honeymoon Tour The boundaries of Europe tou


  • Room
  • AC
  • SightSeeing
  • Meal

Starting From

Rs 135500/-
Rs 145000/-

per person

Czech Republic Tour Packages

If you are looking for a peace amidst nature or want to experience the unmatchable architecture, you can choose from our company the best online tour packages of Czech Republic. Our Czech package honeymoon package is customized to suit every budget and preference. Enjoy the hassle-free tour in the Czech Republic right from the planning of your Czech Republic Itinerary to accommodation and ensure that you return with lasting unforgettable memories of the county. Czech Republic tourism is most popular between varieties of travellers, with the country having a lot to offer for different kinds of holidays in the Czech Republic. Pick a Czech Republic tour package based on the kind of vacation you wish to enjoy. We will also designed the Czech Republic holiday Package on your demand that can help you that all. From the very beautiful landscape, temperate continental and oceanic climate, trips to the Czech Republic can leave you with an experience worth cherishing.

About the Destination   

The Czech Republic is tourism germ as trips to the Czech Republic let you witness stunning warm people, fabulous architecture and the incredible landscape. As you start your Czech Republic Tour, and feast your eyes on some of the scenic monuments and cobbled streets that will make you experience like you have walked right into a medieval movie. A Czech Republic tour offer a wealth of culture and historic destinations that have been designated by UNESCO a world Heritage sites. Prague, the national capital, has historically occupied a leading role and Brno is the chief industrial and cultural city, both of which you should be able to visit with a reasonable priced Czech Republic tour Package. It is a safe country to travel even if you are planning to travel alone in the Czech Republic.

Experience the Czech Republic

Czech Republic is famous for their history and culture, flora and fauna and it has also been the birthplace for renowned writers and novelists like Franz Kafka and Milan Kundera, the Olympic winner for long-distance running also belongs to this Country. On your Czech Republic tour, you can experience the hot water minerals springs that flourish in the country which make it a best destination for travel as well.

On your Czech Republic holiday tour from India, you will explore the beautiful agricultural produce at the markets that can be found along charming mended streets in every town and city. Tour to Czech Republic is best for whether you are planning for a family tour to Czech Republic or Honeymoon

How to reach?

It is very important to know in details what all things your Czech Republic honeymoon package or Czech Republic family tour Package include because only then you will be able to better know your extra costs of traveling and other little things. The Czech Republic is well connected with all countries of the world because it’s have four international airports. You can easily able to find the direct or indirect flights from your country to the Czech. Outside every airport, already the taxies are available that will help you in reaching your onward destination. The four airports of Czech Republic are located in Ostrava, Brno, Karlovy Vary and Prague.

If you are not comfortable by airways and like to travel by bus, you’d be pleased to know that Czech Republic offers a vast network of roads connected to various neighboring countries. Eurolines, LEO Express, Lux Express, Hello, Regiojet, Flixbus etc. are some of the important and most famous international bus companies services to this country. Czech Republic is also connected to several European countries by a network of trains.

Best time to Visit the Czech Republic

While you are planning the Czech tourism packages for honeymoon or family trip, depending on what you like best, make sure that you make the best decisions, so it’s important to know when it is the right time to visit Czech Republic and enjoy the unusual occurrences that nature makes there. During some seasons, the weather in the Czech Republic is totally enchanting and there is something special in every season. You have the two choices to visit Czech Republic; it is during the springtime, mid- March to Mid-March and during the fall time to mid of November. It is the highlight time that Czech receives the ideal amount of guests and also the weather is at best. 

Places to visit in the Czech Republic

Once you have selected and finalized the Czech Republic tour package, here are the destinations that you would want to visit. To make your decision easy, we have listed a few of the beautiful sightseeing and exploring areas of the Czech Republic.

1. Prague – Start your Czech Republic tour Package with Prague, the structure of Czech culture and one of Europe’s most fascinating cities. Prague offers a near – intact medieval core of Gothic architecture that can transport Charles Bridge which is connecting the two major historic neighborhoods across the Vltava River that is one of the classic tourism destination in the world travel. Prague is a country’s capital and largest city and one of the Europe’s primary tourist destinations. Prague trip forms an important part of Czech Republic tour holiday’s package because of its large and beautiful historical core is listed as a UNESCO world Heritage Site. Prague is not all about history; it is a vital urban Center with a rich array of cultural offerings.

2. Pilsen (Plzen) – Czech Republic is famous for its wonderful architecture and Plzen is one of the most explored cities of Czech Republic in this regard. Pilsen is the fourth largest city of Czech and is designed in a western Bohemian manner. Great Synagogue, St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral and the Renaissance – style town halls are must – sees.

3. Litomysl – the two major highlights of the town include the palace where noted classical music composer Smetananoted and Bedrich was born, and the second is the Portmoneum, which is the former home of art lovers Josef Portman. This place is decorated with art on floors, ceilings, furniture and walls.

4. Telc – Telc was created to improve trade with the countries like Bohemia, Austria and Moravia. This place is best for the nature lovers and amazing architecture, this place offers Easter-egg colors and renaissance architecture and beautiful churches.

5. Zlin – Zlin is an example of Functionalistic architecture inspired by the gardens cities of Le Corbusier. The Zlin town is set in small hills, with a Spa behind a hill.

6. Brno – On your Czech Republic tour package from India, make sure you visit the largest city in Moravia and the Republic’s second city, with several excellent annual Grand Prix, a stunning cathedral, an accessible old town and the wonderful museums.

7. Cesky Krumlov – Cesky Krumlov is a stunning medieval and Renaissance town in South Bohemia, and home to the country’s second-largest palace, a UNESCO world Heritage Site. This is the great destination to add your Czech Republic Holidays tour package.

8. Kutna Hora – on your Kutna Hora tour you will experience the historical medieval town in Central Bohemia, home to ST. Barbara’s Church, the Sedlec Ossuary and old Silver mines decorated with tens of thousands of human remains, its wonderful attractions are listed as a UNESCO world Heritage Site and are generally part of most Czech Republic tour packages.

9. South Bohemia and Moravia: Folklore and Tradition - The Czech Republic is a modern, forward-thinking nation, but it is also a country rich in their culture and traditions. This is most obvious in South Bohemia and Moravia, where a folk culture shines like sparks into life during the summer festival season.  During this time, local communities pick up their musical instruments, they sing and dance and makes the environment more beautiful.

10. Castles and Chateaus – Czech Republic’s location right in the middle of Europe has led to the country seeing a long history. The number of variety of Czech Castes are simply awe-inspiring; everything from grim Gothic ruins clinging to a dizzy pinnacle of rock to majestic baroque mansions filled with the supreme equipment that Europe’s artistes could provide.

Things to do in the Czech Republic

After you have known what all the places you have to experience in the Czech Republic honeymoon or family tour packages  you may also know the generally include activities that you can do in Czech Republic. Have a look to the below-mentioned list of a few such things you can do while you are in Czech Republic:-

Bike tours

Czech Republic has overtime witnessed the growth of numerous bike tours; you can pick or hire different types of bikes and experience the city at your own pace. You may or may not be guided by a tour guide during this time, and you will have free of stopping at whatever place you like in between and at last you may also choose to go with a group of people biking on the same day.

Rock Climbing

For rock climbing in the Czech Republic the Adrspach – Teplice rocks are very famous for this. The Adrspach – Teplice rocks Spread across 17 square kilometers in northeastern Bohemia, these rocks are a unique arrangement of sandstone rocks. You can also experience the variety of birds can be found flying and living in this region.

Tips for travellers

  • Make sure to book the best Czech Republic holiday packages in advance to get the best deals and discounts.
  • We will give you an option to customize the packages as per your convenience.
  • Pack light and according to the climate in Czech.
  • Carry all the important travel documents.

So what are you waiting for go ahead and book the Czech Republic honeymoon or family tour package for unforgettable memories.